Open Letter to the Citizens of Miami Beach

October 12, 2017

Hospitality Vendors Network
11767 S Dixie Highway
Suite 355
Miami, FL 33156

RE: Vote No on Miami Beach Election Referendum on closing alcohol sales at 2 AM

Citizens of Miami Beach,

The Hospitality Vendors Network is a group of professionals that fully supports Law Enforcement’s mission to keep our citizens, tourists, and city safe.

As business people we are data and fact driven. The referendum on closing alcohol sales at 2 AM has been studied and, by all accounts, will do nothing to lower crime. It will however have the very negative effect of eliminating several billion dollars from the local economy by diverting tourist dollars to Las Vegas, Cancun, and other destinations. Your city will see millions of dollars in tax revenues evaporate.

This affects not only the citizens of Miami Beach who will ultimately suffer higher taxes as the local government tries to replace revenues lost from the affected businesses, but will also affect the entire county.

Well over five thousand people will lose their jobs as South Beach businesses adjust to great losses in revenue, and hundreds, or even thousands, more stand to lose jobs as the supporting businesses feel the effects and adjust their operations.

We believe that a real solution to problems on Ocean Drive require an open dialog between businesses, citizens, and law enforcement. Such a solution exists in The Ocean Drive 10 Point Plan.

The HVN encourages everyone to punch #81 on the ballot to vote NO so we can all sit down and revisit the 10 Point Plan or create another solution that works for everyone’s benefit.


Hospitality Vendors Network
Board and Members


Ocean Drive 10 Point Plan
Effects of Referendum Item 81

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Edited 2017-10-13 to clarify that a No vote means punching #81 on the ballot

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